Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about FreshRents

General Questions

What is FreshRents?

Where is FreshRents available?

Where do you source your inventory from?

I still have more questions or need to get in touch. How can I reach out to you?

Questions about Renting

How to Rent

I found an item I like! How do I rent from FreshRents?

How many days can I rent an item?

Fit / Condition

How can I ensure my item fits me?

What condition will my product arrive in?

Can I alter the dress I’ve rented?

Am I responsible for dry cleaning the item after I’ve worn it?

Delivery & Pick-Up

How will I receive my item after I’ve booked it online?

Do I need to be present for my delivery or pick-up?

What if I need to change my delivery details?

What time will my dress arrive?

What are the Toronto pick-up / drop-off options?

Loss, Damages, & Cancellations

What happens if I accidentally damage or lose the item I rented?

What happens if I want to cancel my rental?

Unlimited Package

How does the Unlimited Package work?

Can I buy items for Sale?

Can I extend my Unlimited Package duration?

Questions about Partnerships

How to Contribute

I am a designer or business - how do I list my pieces with you?

I have pieces that I love but rarely use - can I list them on FreshRents?

What if I change my mind? Can I have my items back?